Rogue Traders

We refreshed the kitchen by hiring our very own Handy Hassan who did a lovely job with his magnificent power tools. He came highly recommended. Regrettably, his armpits were also in dire need of some refreshment. Smelly Hassan aside, our experience of Turkish workmen has so far been mixed. It seems all Turkish workers can turn their amateur hands to any job. Everyone is a master electrician/plumber/builder/plasterer/tiler/painter/architect/lover (delete according to need). Alas a jack of all trades is usually a master of none and the maxim is no better proven than in Turkey.

7 thoughts on “Rogue Traders

  1. In Turkey if you can borrow a hammer you’re a carpenter, if you own a hammer you’re a master carpenter. I own a De Walt hammer breaker and have access to a roll of tin foil and so will be bidding for the contract to build the new nuclear power station. K xxx


  2. In France we don’t have lowly electicians, plumbers, painters etc. ….. we have ‘artisans’ . In our experience a moniker that couldn’t be farther from the truth, perhaps with the exception of their temperment. I’d give my right arm to have access to a Polish tradesman!


  3. I keep trying to think of a way to say that so far, my experience with Dutch handymen has been good without it sounding like a bad double entendre, but no luck! I do think it is because our landlord (a very nice guy) has his own posse he calls and – unlike other complaints I’ve heard – they arrive in a (relatively) timely manner, and have done good work. Congrats on the move and sprucing up – it’s a fun time to make a house your home.


  4. Since moving here I’ve learned how to dismantle, fix and re-assemble a toilet cistern, and to plumb in a washing machine…out of necessity…because Turkish plumbers are a disaster. Worse still…my husband thinks he can do better than any of the tradesmen..and the only tool he seems to need for absolutely any job is a hammer. The hammer is now hidden…only I know where it is.


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