Emigrey Soap Opera

1 Out of 10

The unsavoury meal with Chrissy and Bernard was a momentous milestone in our Turkish escapade. We have resolved to disengage from the emigrey soap opera by rejecting the gang mentality and dumping the monstrous middle England miseries. We will decamp to bustling Bodrum where we hope the ambience will be less corrosive. Co-incidentally (or perhaps not), the ‘Come Dine with Me’ club has also fractured into acrimony, finally collapsing under the weight of its own pretensions.

19 thoughts on “Emigrey Soap Opera

  1. A lot of our local expats are a pain in the arse. When we’re asked why we don’t frequent certain bars we’re quite honest and say that we wouldn’t mix with those people in England and we’re not goşng to mix with them jere!!


  2. HiHave enjoyed your rants all winter on my way back to my little pink box in May. Hope you find somewhere fab to rent, the marina bar has great live music and a good glass of red. In June, July and August it is so busy in Bodrum you can hardly walk down the street and has a vert different vibe, young trendy, show may age here with this word, Turkish holiday makers.
    Best Regards.


  3. Jack this is a wise decision. It took me a few years of living amongst the emigrey soap opera in Turgutreis and then in Side, to realise that I needed to detach myself from all this. Ask yourself honestly whether all the expats you have associated with since you moved here are really the kind of people you would have had as friends in the UK. I know what my answer was, I removed myself and it was the best decision I made. Of course I still have expat friends dotted about in different areas, but they are like-minded people that I would have gravitated towards anyway. Being selective is the way forward.


      1. I hope you are very happy wıth your move to Bodrum.Best move we made to K uşadasi choose who ı mıx wıth and talk to and glad to be away from school playground antıcs.
        All the best.kınd regards.


  4. Best move we made to come to kuşadasi chose who ı talk to and mıx wıth and not get caught up wıth school playground antıcs.Hope you are both happy wıth your move to Bodrum and enjoy your new locatıon.


  5. Jack, all the above comments sum it up. Choose your friends here the same as you would in the UK. True, sometimes there are those who get under the net but that’s life! Bodrum also has its expat clique but they are easily avoided and I am sure you will love the buzz of Bodrum in the summer. Good Luck with your new home and Hosgeldiniz Bodrum a !


  6. It is a wise move chaps. As I told you, you spend your first year abroad making lots of new friends and the next three years getting rid of them. xxxx


  7. I am so glad to read above comments ,so many times in the last few years here in Kusadasi I have been doing my own thing and most people around me all assume they know who I am and what I do .They all seem to be obsessed with gossiping and commenting about me because I simply enjoy myself better in my own company rather than in theirs .I choose like minded people here the same as I did in Blighty! Thanks for a good fun read Jack. By the way what do you think of the couple who got kicked out of pub in London ? Would love to read your take on it.


  8. Hi ,Just to say sorry for that last little bit that I wrote ,I was reading the news at the same time as catching up on blogs and other stuff ,and I was trying to work out what I thought about it myself ,sorry to go off topic.


    1. hi Jo

      No need to apologise. The John Snow pub incident is an interesting one. Of course I wasn’t there and I’m not particularly keen on watching anyone snogging the faces off each other in public whoever there are (assuming this is what they were doing). I guess the issue for me is, if the couple had been straight then would they have been asked to leave? I presume not in which case it’s a equalities issue and they are right to object.

      Best wishes



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