Snotty Jack

According to those in the know, as most of us took precautions during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic – social distancing, mask-wearing, hand-washing and all that jazz – we didn’t build up enough immunity from all the usual respiratory viruses that spread like the Black Death at this time of year. When Liam and I did finally succumb to COVID, we were vaxed to the max, so the result was a very mild affliction. And being the wrong side of 50, seasonal flu is kept at arm’s length by annual jabs.

But then came the worst of winter colds to shatter our complacency and bring us to our knees. Starting late Christmas Day and lasting well into January, we coughed, sneezed and spluttered our way through the festivities. Days of snot were coupled with nights of hacking. It was tiring and tiresome. It got so loud, you could hear us in the next village. For days I sounded like I was on forty a day and at one point I completely lost my voice. Many would see my involuntary vow of silence as a blessing. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, apparently. We drank through it.

8 thoughts on “Snotty Jack

  1. 40 a day? Hopefully this blog means that you are getting better. I am still healing from my fall. A hacking cough would completely take me down at the moment. You’d have to put me in a coma 😱. I hate long healing. Tomorrow is five weeks since my fall. I have a doctor’s visit next week since I will be out of pain patches. Every time I try to cut the meds in half, I regret it. Maybe I should try boozing. 😆 I went for a swim minutes ago, nope no can do. Back to working on my blog and resting. It gets boring after awhile. 😔

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  2. Sorry for the misery.
    I still won’t eat in restaurants or go to plays or movies or do anything indoors. I don’t want Covid and I don’t want the flu and I don’t want a bad cold. Thankfully it’s easy to have plenty of outdoor activities in southern Arizona.


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