Glad Tidings We Bring

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year when big money is lavished on those big-budget Yuletide TV ads with a social conscience – ads to make you smile, make you cry and make you think. I know it’s all about the relentless commercialisation of Christmas and a crude attempt by big business to convince us all that they’re the good guys really. But, if they’re well done and have a laser-sharp message then they can strike the perfect note and, hopefully, make a difference. Every little helps, as they say at Tesco. Here are my personal favourites from the UK, Germany and Spain.

6 thoughts on “Glad Tidings We Bring

  1. I loved these.
    The one with the wall was painful. When I first moved here, there was a simple barbed wire fence between here and Mexico. Now there are walls, but of course we cannot pull them down. We do have a festival every year at the wall and people from both sides come. There’s a lot of music and food and there are small tables set up at the wall so people can play chess or checkers or cards through it.
    When there was simply a drive-through barrier years ago, we used together there and put up a volleyball net on the border. We would also set up tables on each side, staggering so every other one was in a different country. What wonderful potlucks we would have! But now a full 30-foot barrier wall is there and we’re not even allowed to ride on the road or approach it and speak to our friends on the other side except once a year at the music fiesta. The wall causes me serious pain every single day.

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  2. Vey very sweet and moving. So many YouTube vids say “try not to cry” and I rarely do, but yours got me. I always laugh when I call people I’ve never met but for the internet “friends“ but you are 🥰🌈🎄🙏🏼

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