Brisk walks are the best way to burn off all those festive calories, especially during lockdown when keep fit options are limited. Timing is everything at this time of year. The distant sun is low on the horizon and, at its height, peeps only briefly above the tree line. A midday stroll is best, crunching through the frost, bubble-wrapped against the winds that blow across the East Anglian flatlands. Then it’s back to the cottage to put all those calories back on again.

8 thoughts on “Jack Frost

  1. At least you can stay somewhat in balance by doing the walking! I’ve neglected my walking for about a week. Today it is supposed to be in the low 70s so for sure I’m going to take advantage. I will also walk again the next few days but by Tuesday the temperatures are supposed to be back down in the 50s with the maybe some drizzle. Hoping for the drizzle in this horrible drought.


    1. Blimey, you are good. Our walks, scenic as they may be, are a bit half-hearted to be honest, though I do manage to do a fair distance on the exercise bike while watching TV! 😁


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