Water Sports

Life may have slowed to a trickle but that didn’t stop a couple of water pipes choosing the worst time to burst – one in the loft and another beneath the bath. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, one leak might be regarded as a misfortune; two looks like carelessness. With water drip, drip, dripping down our dining room wall, we weren’t sure if plumbing emergencies were exempt from the national lockdown. But a nice man with his big wrench came round to stem the tide anyway. With most shops shut, our young saviour managed to source a length of copper pipe from the wind chime in his father-in-law’s garden, proving that necessity really is the mother of invention. We are forever in his (and his papa-in-law’s) debt.

13 thoughts on “Water Sports

  1. It has taken me weeks to find someone willing to come and service the cooler on my house. Today is a 90 so I’m going to need the cooling soon. The cooler is outside the house so it really shouldn’t be a problem for anyone coming down. Hooray, he will be here tomorrow!

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  2. Our water heater has given up the ghost so we’ve been having cold showers … on Monday we’ll try and shop for a new one.


  3. My son works in air conditioning and plumbing in San Antonio, Texas. He has been working 60 hour weeks wearing a self contained breathing apparatus and what amounts to a Hasmet suit.

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      1. Nothing’s simple in the US. I’m glad he’s staying safe. Two kids and a wife, 4 dogs, chickens, cat, rat and probably fish. A lot depends on him. 🤪

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