So Far So Good

Organised chaos has reigned for weeks. A production line of cardboard boxes great and small come and go with endless deliveries of stuff we didn’t know we needed. Our recycling bin runneth over and we’re stiff in all the wrong places. Labours are distracted by an abundant flock of squawking ducks, playful blackbirds, inquisitive tits, red-breasted robins and randy wood pigeons who seem to spend their days shitting and shagging. Not a bad life, I guess.

We’re slowing moving towards normality and winter nesting. The essentials are done. The bijou kitchen is fully-functional, the Lady of the House is up, Liam’s keyboard is plugged in and candles lit for sequined nights of Strictly Come Dancing. And we’re slowly getting used to the scary stairs, though only when we’re sober.

9 thoughts on “So Far So Good

  1. It looks great. Can’t believe you only recently moved in. I have been back in Cardiff since 2010 and still not unpacked! Although I guess it is because I don’t want to be here and always looking for the next adventure. That stairs remind me of those I had when living in an early Georgian town house in Monmouth. That shelf (with the ornament on) proved a boon for resting my left my left arm and getting good purchase to push myself to the top when crawling up on a heavy night. Those Georgians were clever!


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