The Decade That Fashion Forgot

On one of our rare visits to the home counties, my sister-in-law fished out an ancient, long-forgotten photo of me from a biscuit tin she keeps under the stairs. I’m guessing I was about 14. I look older, I think. I matured young – so young, in fact, that at the tender age of 12 I used my Dad’s razor to shave my legs in the bath. No, not because I fancied slipping on my sister’s tights (just in case you were wondering) but because I was embarrassed. Most of my contemporaries at school hardly had a short and curly between them.

The backdrop to the image is a perfect picture of naff seventies-chic. Our south London parlour was a riot of clashing colours and patterns – orange floral flock wallpaper, red faux-velvet curtains, an orange and brown three piece suite in synthetic wool and a swirly carpet in reds, blues and greens. It made my old girl proud. Nowadays, it would make everyone else feel nauseous.

As for me, what are those goggles about? And the shocking locks? They had a will all of their own until tamed by creeping male pattern baldness. Still, I was cute – even if I do say so myself – with raging hormones, a 26-inch waist and cheekbones that could slice cheese. Happy days. The grim, buttoned-up decade never held me back. And what was my chopper doing behind that sofa? Now that would be telling.

5 thoughts on “The Decade That Fashion Forgot

  1. Jack! How cute is that??? You have the face of a young, Elton John! I love it!
    I, too, was a teenager in the seventies. Was there a better time to be? Sex was still considered safe. No one took things too seriously. Music ROCKED! You could actually leave the house and enjoy a good time in the company of friends without everyone and anyone being able to reach you by cell phone. There was no internet harassment. All you had to do was shut your front door to block out the world. And the clothes? Omg! Is it uncool to say that I miss satin Disco jackets being in style? Ha..Ha..


    1. Not uncool at all! In many ways, the seventies was a fun time for me too. A decade of awakening and discovery but being gay, at least here in the UK, was no walk in the park. How times have changed! 😀

      And I was a huge fan of Elton!


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