An over-hot day (we do get them once in a blue moon) took us back to the Plantation Garden for a spot of afternoon tea accompanied by a folksy duet. I’ve posted about the sunken folly before. It’s a gorgeous sanctuary just minutes from Norwich city centre, adjacent to the imposing Cathedral of St John the Baptist. The centrepiece of the garden is the neo-Gothic fountain, all creepy and Harry Potteresque. At this time of year, spray rains down into a lily pond, breaking the sunlight into mini rainbows. It’s enough to make you believe in fairies.

Liam got quite carried away and took some footage with his smarty phone, assembling all the clips into a short video back at the ranch. I was hoping for enchanted. I got slapstick.


12 thoughts on “I Believe in Fairies

  1. What an amazing place!
    If you ever get to Mexico, there is an incredible place in Xilitla. Check it out on line. The photos I saw made me pack up my car and take a three-week road trip about fifteen years ago. And I just may have to do it again.
    Thanks for the visit to Plantation Garden.


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