Bearded Men in Dresses

Conchita Wurst’s hair-raising victory at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest was historic for two reasons:

  1. A country not associated with the Balkans, Baltic and/or the former Soviet Union actually won for a change; and
  2. She was a he in a frock and whiskers (just in case you hadn’t noticed).

Naturally, the Russian Orthodox Church (among other right wing reactionaries) is outraged by the swirling cesspit of sodomites that the contest has become. After all, real bearded men don’t wear dresses do they?

Men in Frocks

18 thoughts on “Bearded Men in Dresses

  1. So much to love about this photo [apart from the obvious]. The ‘very cross indeed!’ faces for one, which is surely not just for Conchita, but a very important part of the role day to day and an ‘essential’ requirement in the person spec. And the alternate peekaboo thing with the front of their frocks – now you see it, now you don’t – actually looks like they’ve been caught midway through a Bucks Fizz choreographed dance routine!


      1. Quite!
        I think Mr Far Right [no pun intended] is particularly cross because his neighbour has buggered up the order of the peekaboo dance routine, probably not for the first time judging by his expression! “Иисус плакал!” [Jesus Wept!] – I can hear it now…


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