Norwich is stuffed with the biggest, finest, oldest and firsts in all the realm. There’s a gem on virtually every corner. These are a few of my favourites. Hover over the image for a brief hint and click for more scintillating facts that you never knew you wanted to know.

With thanks to Visit Norwich for much of this treasure trove.

18 thoughts on “The Norwich Book of Records

  1. And I think I saw you in several of them Tess. 🙂

    Beautiful city and I’m always amazed by the medieval elements that still exist. In the same time period, Canada was one big forest.


  2. A really nice collection of Norwich superlatives, Jack. Quite a few of which, if you’ll forgive the plug, are mentioned in my forthcoming book Slow Travel Norfolk - I didn’t know about some of these though (the City Hall computer for example). I have lived in the city so long that I can remember the elm tree at Elm Hill.


      1. Thanks, Jack. The tree was right at the top of Elm Hill in the same place where the replacement tree is now (you can see one its branches in your photo). I remember they had lots of tubes going into it at one pont in an attempt to put the old elm on a life support system – sadly it didn’t work.


    1. The old city is full of surprises and an easy walk. I’d like to think that the sun always shines but, although this is the driest part of Britain, we do get the odd grey sky, particularly at this time of year.


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