Chuffed to Bits

9781904881643-Perking the Pansies COVER.inddI try hard not to over-promote my books here on my personal blog. I reckon that most readers have either bought the bloody things or aren’t going to. But today I can’t help myself. Just when I begin to think that Perking the Pansies is reaching the end of its shelf life, I get bowled over by the reviews added to Amazon. In the last week I’ve received two new five star reviews. I quote:

“A big thank you to Jack Scott for making me smile on virtually every page.” More…

“Jack Scott’s prose frolics along exposing with defining brilliance ‘the sorts’ we all meet and want to avoid with every fiber in our bodies whilst abroad.” More…

So it seems the book’s still got legs. I’m chuffed. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Chuffed to Bits

  1. Far from dead! Your book’s a gift that keeps on giving, and I’m sure the release of your next book will make it even more upwardly mobile.

    Fab to read such glowing reviews about it…. kind of makes all that blood sweat an’ tears of effort worth it….


  2. Congratulations. I always wonder how long the shelf life of a book will be. People are still reading Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dickens. Maybe they will still be reading Perking the Pansies in 3013.


  3. . . life in the old dog, yet! On the subject of Dickens (above) j was asked whilst in company ‘Do you like Dickens?’ ‘I don’t know’, said she, ‘I’ve never been to one.’ The old ones are best!


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