Last month, John, my eldest brother and his missus came to visit. He’s the eldest of five and would be the first to admit that when I trampolined out of the closet at the tender age of 16, he was none too pleased. In those far-flung days, only the likes of sexually ambivalent Larry Grayson, Kenneth Williams and John Inman were in the public consciousness and they all kept a foot firmly in the closet door. Most people thought all queers were predatory child abusers recruiting for the cause (some pond life still does, of course). Ironic, now that the Jimmy Savile scandal from that very era has now hit the fan. As the years rolled by, my brother’s views mellowed and moderated. I see his altered image as a metaphor for society as a whole. On the evening of our 5th wedding anniversary, John and his wife treated us to a slap-up meal at Jamie’s Italian. Thanks bro!


12 thoughts on “Philadelphia

  1. When I moved to a suburb of Brighton in the 1990s, my widowed neighbour, who was active in the British Legion in nearby Rottingdean (Tory heartland territory) told me her Legion friends said, “You are lucky. We’d love to have a nice gay neighbour!” Now everybody wants us!


  2. It goes to show you that, with a little love and willingness to be open, people can change. 🙂


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