Follow Every Rainbow

sound of music2Safely home after almost a week of festive overload, we uncorked a bottle and nested on the sofa to watch ‘Climbed Every Mountain’ on BB2. Liam is rather obsessed with ‘The Sound of Music’ and can recite the entire film note-for-note and word-for-word. It’s on the job description of all gay men of a certain age. To end the season with a flourish, we expected a sugar-coated, feel-good soft focus trip up and down the pristine piste. We got a dirty Alpine avalanche exposing a nation in denial, a dysfunctional family and a bi-polar singing ex-nun who never was. To pour weed killer on the edelweiss, the Von Trapps didn’t climb any mountain or ford any stream to escape the evil clutches of the nasty Nazis. No, they caught the 5.30 express to Italy. The truth, as they say, should never get in the way of a good story. It was the cruelest of blows; I fear Liam will never recover.

14 thoughts on “Follow Every Rainbow

  1. You can`t blame Liam for enjoying it still, afterall he was in it wasn`t he.
    He looke so cute in those days as Kurt Von-trap……I should know as Mother Abbess.


  2. You should erase this experience from your minds with a trip to Salzburg, where you can take a day long Sound of Music tour, have a skip along the same merry lanes 🙂


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