God Bless America

Insurance is easy cash for the fat cats, as simple as falling off a log. When we shipped the tarnished family silver back to Blighty, cover was compulsory: no pay, no way. It’s one of life’s expenses that you put down to experience and write off, like the unrequited Christmas card to an ungrateful relative. Regular readers may remember that our tatty heirlooms were raided by the fuzz and that an ostentatious hi-fi speaker was badly damaged. Time to claim, we thought – in for a penny, in for pound. In went the claim, back came the cash. A check (Yankee spelling), landed on the mat for $250. God Bless America and God bless Travel Guard, Inc. Of course, by the time all the middlemen down the monetary line took their cut, I only ended up with £130.

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6 thoughts on “God Bless America

  1. When I saw the post title, I groaned and thought ‘oh no, what have Americans and/or the US government done NOW to get Jack’s panties in a wad [knickers in a twist to you Brits 😉 ]??’ Glad to see it really was something that went right.


  2. we insured a sofa we bought with a buckles and belts type cover. A few months later we put in a claim because a round worn patch appeared ( no not wear my backside resided!) The assessor said it was like a freckle on the leather, or a weak spot and that it would be repaired. The insurance company refused to pay up saying it was a natural phenomenon and therefore an act of god. We had to bring in the ombudsman and it took a while but we got our sofa repaired and a little compo for their cheek!!! Sometimes you can take the big boys on and win!


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