The Friendly Games

When Winston Churchill (in the form of Timothy Spall) popped his head out of the top of Big Ben I knew we were in for a treat. More party and less politics (although John Lennon’s Imagine was a timely touch), the closing show rocked the ages. The stadium was bathed in the Union Flag. The iconic ensign is better suited than most for artistic interpretation and made a perfect backdrop and cat walk for the drama. Her Maj decided to stay at home and put her feet up leaving a decidedly nervous-looking HRH Harry in her place. She’s probably had quite enough of Brian May shaking his electric guitar around like a penis extension. Do cut that hair, Brian. It’s not 1975 and you’re not 20. George Michael, who not so long ago was detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, sang Freedom. His voice held up well considering he was recently on nodding terms with the Grim Reaper. Other highlights for me included Elbow performing One Day Like This, ushers in blue bowler hats with light bulbs stuck on top and skating nuns in Union Flag knickers. Eric Idle’s rendition of Always Look on the Bright side of Life from the Life of Brian dressed as a bacofoil angel must have both puzzled and pissed off the pious. It was a real crash, bang, wallop of an extravaganza. Below is my favourite naughty but nice image from the last few days. What were your best bits?


21 thoughts on “The Friendly Games

  1. My best bits? Lennon, I enjoyed the fashion divas too. But…no David Bowie, boo hoo… Brian’s hair is too much. I VERY much enjoyed George Michael surprisingly – he still sounds and looks good, amazing. I liked his skull belt buckle and all that… Spice Girls? No comment.


      1. Walking past the hotel where he’d been at some Olympic do, just as he was leaving and being hussled to his car by beefy minders – but he was kind enough to stop and say hello. Picture on FB.

        Anyway yes, lovely smile!


  2. Loving that razor sharp, word-alliterative wit applied to the Brit scene before you. Keep going! What’s the status of the next memoir? 🙂


  3. Having missed the opening I was keen to see the closing ceremony. Enjoyed most of it but that excruciatingly embarrassing guitar bit by Brian May almost had me pressing the off button and talking of hair, what has my hero Ray Davies done to his barnet.


  4. When-a-country-feels-a-collective-kind-of-downer-and-hangover-we-just-know-we-just-threw-the-best-ever-shin-dig-in-the-world.From-opening-time-to-last-orders-it-is-nigh-impossible-to-pick-a–‘best-bit’–Good-luck-to-those-choosing-sportsman-of-the-year,I-cant-wait-for-that-one.Watching-Eric-Idle-celebrating-the-Holi-festival-with-morris-dancers,scots-pipers-and-the-Rule-Britannia-icon-while-singing-always-look-on-the-bright-side-was-hilarious.I-am-now-looking-forward-to-the-paralympics-and-getting-another-fix-on-the-best-of-British-and-humanity.


  5. I adored the Opening ceremony Jack, and loved going to the games and being in the main stadium for some athletics, but the Closing ceremony kind of left me standing – except that I do want an infaltable Octopus! Ultimately if the athletes enjoyed the party then it was a success. And now we have the Para Olympics to look forward to 🙂
    Oh and have you ever been to the Gay Olympics, friends have and say it’s brilliant – but they may be biaised 🙂


    1. That’s a bit of shame. I liked them both but in different ways. I’m cabbage-looking that you managed to get tickets. Zilch for us, I’m afraid. I’ve never been to the Gay Games. I bet there’s lots of bed hopping in the Olympic village 😉


  6. Brian May looked like a wizard, George Michael performed a new release (approriate venue to do that? nah), and where was Kate Bush?.. but everything else was fab and very eclectic. Loved every minute of it and am now selling up and planning my return to Blighty. Kind of.


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