Norwich Pride

Sadly, we missed Norwich Pride. As novice Norwichians, we hang our heads in shame. The event was held the day after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The greatest show on Earth or the best show in Town? What’s a boy to do? We chose the former. Sorry. Had we not been nursing a hangover of Olympic proportions, we might have made it to march and mince with the rainbow people. Next year we’ll be there. Promise.

I hear the affair was a great success. Here are some pictures (courtesy of Steve Adams and the Norwich Evening News).

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8 thoughts on “Norwich Pride

  1. Love the photo of the mayor – or is he the town crier – waving the rainbow flag! 🙂 Got to say, would love to be in Blighty to sample the Olympic atmosphere. I’m sure Norwich Gay Pride festival will let you off…just for this year.


    1. Not sure though the city council are right behind the event and whoever he was is waving the flat from the steps of city hall. I hope they do forgive me as I’ve asked to speak at Future Radio, Norwich’s community radio station. Will I get a dressing down?!


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