Picking the Poppies

I’m always chuffed to hear from people I don’t know who take the trouble to tell me how much they enjoyed reading Perking the Pansies. It’s even better when I hear about what readers have been saying to each other. The fab fun in the sun people behind the phenomenally successful Turkey’s for Life website (I’m cabbage-faced about their numbers) told me about someone who couldn’t find the link to my book because she’d been searching for Picking the Poppies.They provided the link, she bought the book and then she wrote:

“His writing is great. I bought it for my Kindle last night and can’t put it down. Great book, very funny. Anyone who has made the same move to Turkey will really understand. Well worth the purchase so everybody out there buy it, get yourself a nice bottle of wine sit in your garden or balcony and prepare to let dinner burn. Lol. Well done Jack. Bring on the next one xx”

So, to Angela, whoever you are and wherever you may be. Thank you for the giggle and for the compliment. You sound like my kind of girl (in a platonic kind of way, obviously).

8 thoughts on “Picking the Poppies

  1. ‘picking’, ‘perking’, ‘poppies’, ‘pansies’, you dominate the field – so much more fun than being a wallflower or a shrinking violet!


  2. We even manage a laugh in the rain as well, sometimes. 🙂 Made us laugh when Angela said she was searching on Picking The Poppies. We just had to ask her if we could tell you. Glad it all worked out, anyway. A great review.


  3. She does sound like a good sport and more importantly, she’d obviously heard of your book and was searching it out. Better to have the Angelas of the world scouring for Picking the Poppies than the ‘Now what was the name of that book?’ brigade.


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