Miracle Child

At the virginal age of 18, Liam moved from the Smoke to South Wales to study for his music degree at Cardiff University. He stayed in Wales for 15 years. Having paid £5 to get in across the Severn Bridge, he wanted his money’s worth. The Principality has a rich history of musical excellence and this rubbed off on the young Liam. During his long exile in the Valleys, he lost his virtue and used his mouth and hands to creative effect on oboe and ivory. He sought satisfaction for his creative juices and found it with the Mountain Ash and District Choral Society who commissioned him to compose Christmas carols. Eventually, he hitched up his skirt and waded across Offa’s Dyke to return like the Prodigal Son to the bosom of his family. Liam’s never quite forgotten those halcyon days of quavers and choirs. Even today, his long-past association with these talented people brings a tear to his eye and joy to his heart. Imagine his pleasure and surprise when, two decades on, he discovered that they are once again performing one of his 20th Century pieces at a 2011 Christmas service. It’s made his year.

As it’s that Christmas time of year again, I give you Miracle Child for your festive entertainment. It’s a bit ropey as it was recorded on an old cassette recorder at the back of the hall. Hey, it beats the hell out of Slade on a continuous loop.

Miracle Child

The book

12 thoughts on “Miracle Child

  1. What a talented guy your Liam is. It’s very beautiful. Although I’m not really a Christmassy person, I do love carols, particularly sung by a choir. This is one of the best carols I’ve heard. Well done that man.


  2. Lovely! Really enjoyed listening to Miracle Child – top of the Christmas charts for me! How wonderful that the choir are to perform again it this Christmas. You pair really are a couple of Christmas stars. Well, not just for Christmas – for life really 😉


  3. . . first choir I ever sat in front of and really listened to were the massed Welsh Male Voice Choir – their opener was the Battle Hymn of the Republic and as it built from barely audible to an auditorium filling crescendo I could feel the hair on the back of my neck standing up – it was awesome! Been a fan of the voice ever since. Cymru am Byth


  4. Great to hear his music again. Thanks for posting this and best wishes to the both of you for Christmas and New Year (and that’s a rare from the grumpiest atheist in Western Europe!).


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