Brace, Brace

Nowadays, who pays attention to aircraft safety announcements when fiddling uncomfortably in a cramped seat and thumbing through the glossy but vacuous in-flight magazine?  Been there, done that, know the drill. We’re off on our holidays. Who wants to be reminded that we may die on the way? There’s no such thing as an atheist at 30,000 feet when the engines fail. Airlines sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to grab the attention of their passengers. Who hasn’t chuckled at the camp flying mattress flapping his arms about like a drag queen as he points out the emergency exits. Remember your nearest exit may be behind you. Pegasus, the no frills Turkish airline went one step further. It kept our attention and made us laugh.

The Turkish version is even cuter

In other words, when you hear the brace, brace announcement put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye.

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8 thoughts on “Brace, Brace

  1. I always listen! And I give stern looks to anyone around me who isn’t doing the same. Yes I’ve flown before and I probably do know most of what I’m about to be told, but this is for my own good and I’ll also read the safety card and check for the nearest exits. And apart from anything else, it’s basic politeness to pay attention to someone who’s simply doing their (not very well paid) job in the interests of my personal safety.
    Take off your headphones and put down your book for 2 minutes – they’ll be there when the safety briefing is over. And the people who will be serving your food and wine for the next few hours will be grateful for your co-operation. You’d do well to remember that…


  2. Why did they use a child with a speach impediment?
    Difficult I would imagine to anyone hard of hearing.
    Having said that, she is kind of cute.
    I don’t bother with safety information, just I always say to myself if the worst is going to happen, I hope it is on the way back!!


  3. Lets face it the only people small enough to be able to adopt the brace position are children! The seats are too damn close for anyone else to be able to……Have you ever tried to retreive a dropped item from the aeroplane floor?


  4. I experienced these videos on my last flight to England. I think they’re great and a much better way of grabbing your attention.


  5. Indeed this would catch my attention on a plane over the normal boring videos they show. Recently, I went on a flight where the actual fight attendants were showing the safety features (no video). That caught my attention as well.


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