Mosquito Massacre

We may be suffering from an advanced case of heat exhaustion but at least the much anticipated mozzie threat, like Saddam’s WMD, has been wildly exaggerated. When we lived in suburban Yalıkavak Liam suffered unrelenting assaults from the most ubiquitous of warm weather pests. There’s a definite benefit to living along one of Old Bodrum Town’s busy thoroughfares. The weekly bug-busting van that tours the streets at night drapes the entire house in mustard gas and nips the nasty nibblers in the bud. It probably exterminates all insect life except cockroaches which are indestructible and the true heirs to a post-apocalyptic world.

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4 thoughts on “Mosquito Massacre

  1. There have been far fewer mossies this summer. .
    Just maybe we in Yalikavak are being sprayed with something stronger than diesel/water .


  2. Are plaqued with flies during the day and mossies at night so am permanently walking around with my arms flailing around like a demented windmill.

    Hubbies last minute attempts to squat as many of them as he can before we go to bed is a sight to behold.

    I have spent the whole summer smelling of citronella oil – not my most favourite fragrance but beats looking like I’ve been used for target practice at a paintball outing for young offenders!!!


    1. You must have sweet blood. I’m told the mozzies will return in force in September when the municipal bug buster van stops its rounds. We’re stocking up on napalm.


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