Defiant Blighty

The nasty riots that raged across London and other cities seem to have thankfully abated. There’s been a lot of easy talk about Broken Britain and knee-jerk reactions from here today, gone tomorrow politicians with their silly sound-bites who play to the gallery. What’s broken can be fixed but it takes everyone to do their bit. The indomitable spirit of the overwhelming number of Brits of all hues will overcome those who trash their own.

This is an incredible amateur video of a brave woman who challenged the rioters. If you don’t like swearing then I suggest you don’t watch this clip.

Normal Pansyland service resumes tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Defiant Blighty

  1. There is a lot of hard work ahead, on everyone’s part: houses of government, politicians, community activists, police, parents, schools, businesses, the working class, middle class, landed class, all races/religions, and above all, the average person. The latter must remain engaged to ensure the rest also step up and do what’s right AND what’s needed.


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