12 thoughts on “Last Chance Saloon

  1. Thanks, Jack (and Marie) – if I wore mascara it would definitely have gone for a burton by now.
    Were I in Turkey, I would be there for you – in spite of the fact that it would result in almost certain death at the hands of the hubby.
    All I can do is send you all positive thoughts that you can place them well, and to give thanks that there are people like us who do care xxx


  2. Hello Jack, i also posted to my facebook and put it on turkishlifeforums.
    I hope you got my message about who to call? if i can do anything to help this lady then please let me know as im only down the road for her,


  3. Many tears from me too…will repost in the hope that someone will offer a home. We took our lovely dog Sunshine from a litter of 9 , unfortunately she insists on being an only child. I’d take one today if I could!


  4. If there is anyone out there that has a dog never let that put you off having another. Having dogs all my life, and having 2 together for around 20 years, i can tell you that my dogs have always been much happier when they have a friend. They are pack animals and love having the company of another dog. So please think again if you could take another, im sure the dog you already have will love the company.


  5. I much appreciate everyone’s comments and for those who have posted to Facebook. An initial poster campaign has produced three homes (one is already homed) so only four more to go! One has gone to a family home in Ankara where the mother is a vet – lucky pup!


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