DervishTo celebrate our deliverance from delirium, we fancied a night on the tiles and chanced upon a small nightclub, very Turkish and surprisingly chic. Turkish pop filled the room and young trendy things revolved around the dance floor like whirling dervishes. There was one tiny sensory drawback though, prompting Liam drunkenly to declare ‘my gift to Turkey is deodorant.’ Foreigners were definitely in the minority, though we caught the eye of a couple of likely western ladies, one of whom was topped off with a curly ginger perm and who writhed around the dance-floor like orphan Annie’s grandmother. We sang The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow knowing full well that it always does in Asia Minor at this time of year. Happy and contented we made our way home in the wee small hours picking up a kebab on the way; a very distant relation to the slop that’s dished up in Walthamstow.

7 thoughts on “Whirl Like a Dervish

  1. What is it about body odour in this part of the world? And it’s not just the men!

    Maybe they just like the natural scent of the human body? Maybe we’re the weird ones, blocking up our pores with unnatural and over-perfumed chemicals?

    Mind you, after our last dolmus trip (my daughter almost passed out with the the stench), I’d vote for unnatural every time.


  2. I was born in Walthamstow!! Mind you, I had escaped to the wilds of Essex before I had sampled a kebab there. Having said that, there was a Kebab van in our town in Essex and while vaguely edible, it too bore no resemblance to the kebabs here.

    Before a friend came to stay last year, I told her how good the kebabs were here. We took her to Sultan Pastanesi to get her her ‘fix’ of Baklava and as we left with our precious box of heaven, we spotted a small kebab place. We sat by the side of a busy road sitting on plastic chairs, in the dark, jammed between two oleanders. I thought she would not be happy with this. Not so, -she loved the doner wrap So much that she actually requested we take her there again on her last night!!!


  3. Much worse than the smell of body odour here is the cheap perfume that some Turkish girls spray liberally on themselves.

    Sounds like a great night out Jack x


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