We Have Ways of Making You Talk

News travels fast. Following our dice with death Chrissy rang out of pretended concern, a conversation which turned into an inquisition. She demanded to know why we hadn’t mentioned our invite to Clement’s bungalow. Chrissy just hates to be kept out of the loop and clearly expects us to check every social engagement with her first. Liam felt interrogated and told her so. His legendary patience with ladies of a certain neurotic disposition has finally begun to fray.

Setting the spat aside, we celebrated Karen’s final evening (and her powers of survival) by dining out in Gümüslük Bay, a tumbledown beauty famous for its fish restaurants. The catch of the day is displayed like a triumphant trophy in cold cabinets. It’s a pity this shimmering little pearl is tainted by overzealous restaurant press gangers. Despite the hassle we managed to celebrate Karen’s last day with aplomb and a record amount of overpriced mediocre wine.

3 thoughts on “We Have Ways of Making You Talk

  1. Gumusluk was our first home when I moved to Turkey almost 13 years ago and it was so lovely and unspoiled. I haven’t been back since. I’d like to but I have a feeling it will have changed so I prefer to keep my good memories. I’ve never had better fish anywhere else since though.


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