Mrs Madrigal’s Visit

Karen is Mrs Madrigal

Flush from her Thelma and Louise road trip of Dixieland, jet setter Karen parachuted in for a few days of rest and relaxation. Our London landlady and I became acquainted at work and our attachment is one of the few that has endured in civvy street. Chrissy was were obstinately keen to meet her and dropped by for coffee. The encounter didn’t go too well, nor had I expected it to. Chrissy will never rub along with any female friend of ours for she is determined to be top fag hag.

Mrs Madrigal lookilikee Karen is a superb cook and threw together a culinary tour de force. Liam tried to wrest her from the stove. “Bugger off and get me another drink” she insisted. Our livers took a royal pasting as we chatted into the small hours. The next day we all had wine flu and the kitchen resembled Sarejevo during the Bosnia War.

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