Cuba Libre

It is the occasion of Maurice’s half century. He is adamant that he doesn’t want a fuss so he’s off on a Caribbean getaway to Cuba to celebrate the day on a beach with a cuba libre and a fat cigar. He clearly underestimated the determination of partner Alun, the fiery Welsh dragon. A surprise party was planned and executed a few days before. We joined the jamboree along with a parade of bears, cubs and chubby chasers who had forsaken their XXL fix to congratulate the birthday boy. XXL is a huge London club for fat boys and their admirers providing an excellent alternative service to those of us with our best years behind us and who can’t compete in the otherwise body obsessed, steroid-buffed twinky scene.

Maurice is not one to take centre stage, preferring to let others fly. He endured the attention with his usual polite charm grinning through gritted teeth and dreaming of the beach and the bacardi.

4 thoughts on “Cuba Libre

  1. Poor Maurice!

    I’m with him all the way, and likewise despair of the obsessed party-giver who frankly doesn’t give a damn about one’s own preferences in the matter.

    I suggest he enrols on a NASA program in good time for his 60th, then.


  2. And a very happy birthday to the lovely Monsieur Maurice from the Bodrum girlies. sounds like fun was had by all. Proof of course that 50 is the new 30!!! Yea mate, you believe that if it makes you feel better!! Please pass on our good wishes to the lucky chap and tell him to knock the U out of Cuuuuuba xxxx


  3. Thank you for the kind words. I had a lovely party and Cuba is fab. Alun went all out. He booked business class upgrade as a surprise on my birthday as that was the day we flew and arranged for the last five days of our holiday the Royal Service which has butler service. It’s not bad being 50!!

    Love the blog and see you soon.


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