One Out, All Out

The internet police have been at it again in the continuing war between Google and Digiturk. As from the 1st of March Google Blogger in its entirety was banned in Turkey. The draconian censors are indifferent to the effect on millions of blogs, many of them small businesses trying to earn an honest crust in challenging times. Digiturk is acting like an overbearing corporate bully and Google just doesn’t give a toss about anything other the bottom line. There’s no profit in blogging as it’s a free service so why cause a fuss? The core of the dispute is infringement of broadcasting rights. This is laughable when you think that Turkey is flooded by counterfeit goods. Fancy a bootleg copy of the ‘King’s Speech’? No problem.

It’s relatively easy to get round the ban with a proxy server, an application that lets us pick up British TV. Please take a split second to complete the poll below. Don’t worry, you can’t be identified!

5 thoughts on “One Out, All Out

  1. If ever there was an argument for blogging on a self hosted domain, this is it. Thousands of web masters are now taking great delight in saying I told you so.


  2. We don’t use one but are definitely considering getting one. Not least because we’re sick of getting ripped off by Digiturk to watch crappy TV (ironic).


  3. Perhaps you could tell us how to access British TV. I would appreciate that. And many more too I expect. Thank-you


  4. You come up with lots of new ideas. Loved the voting system. How about doing an alternative proportional representation analysis to show how the proposed electoral reform will look in the uk. Keep up the good work.


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