Pansies Across the Seas

I’ve recently found a nifty little device that I’ve added to Perking the Pansies. It’s called ‘Revolver Maps’ which pin points the location of my visitors across the globe. I now stare at the screen for hours to watch the cities of the World light up and pulsate to the perking beat of the pansies. Unsurprisingly most of my punters come from Blighty, the Emerald Isle or the Turkish Riviera though the map of Europe is beginning to twinkle like a Eurovision Song Contest score board with nil point currently awarded to France. Perhaps they don’t like pansies in La Belle France though there was little evidence of it when I was last in Gay Paree.

Most unexpectedly are the pansy punters from more far-flung corners of the globe. I seem to have enthusiasts on both American seaboards but have attracted few fans in the vast lands in between where the bible-belters lurk. The Canadians like to perk (well the Mounties will do anything to keep warm in minus 20 degrees) and I have one or two camp followers in Latin America. The fragrant Far East is where the pansies never fade and I’m particularly delighted by our man in Borneo. Oz is a disappointing late starter though the ever cheerful Aussies do have  a biblical flood to contend with. I have high hopes for Africa and track the map from Cairo to Cape Town looking for signs of pansy flashers.

The South Pole is excluded from my pansy blog domination. Nothing grows down there anyway and I don’t want the egg-heads of Antarctica to be diverted from their vital work on global warming lest the pansies drown from rising sea levels.

9 thoughts on “Pansies Across the Seas

  1. Really enjoying your blog. Glad you went to visit Karyn, she writes like you are there with her.
    If one of your little lights shows up in the North of Scotland that will be little old me.
    Keep it up (the writing that is)


  2. I’ve had readers from Nepal and Timbuktu, which is strange to see when they pop up on my list of hits. Lots of Aussies, lots of Canadians, not so many Americans. Lots of hits to my blog from the middle east using the search term “Gay blog”, they then go on to you from my site as I totally fail to meet their needs 🙂


    1. Now, why are the fine and moral ultra straight Arabs searching for ‘gay blogs’ I wonder? I’ve just had my first flashing pansy in the United Arab Emirates. Fancy that!


  3. Har well if you had been blogging when we stayed in Goa, Sri Lanka and Egypt for the past three winters you would have lit up there but alas we have now settled in poor ole sandbanks in Poole, but should we travel further afield with our netbooks we will be sure to log into your exploits and goings on from wherever. Had we not returned to Blighty we would have been peeking at you from Vietnam and Cambodia, but hey maybe next wintertime.


      1. Am actually a born and bred Londoner from Bermondsey and my other half is a scouser so we have come up just a tad from the pits i suppose!!! But we just could nt settle in Altinkum.


  4. Love the maps idea.
    I don’t often feel like a distress signal but now I see my little beacon flashing
    I know I’m alive and well.
    Hope you are both keeping busy whilst the rest of us keep the financial hamster wheels spinning.
    Liam, more music please!!!


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