Thermal Knickers

New Year’s Day was spent nursing a hangover and basking on the balcony in the gorgeous warming winter sunshine. The benevolent sun enabled me to break the back of the Christmas laundry that was languishing in a suitcase. Our fabric conditioned knicker supply has been replenished just in the nick of time.

The house remains relentlessly chilly. We have yet to find an effective heating solution and so thermal pants are a must-wear. If only it were possible to construct a dwelling on a turntable to follow the passage of the Sun. After dusk we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Digiturk. Liam is a huge fan and bought all the books (with the adult covers, of course). He watched silently mesmerised wearing the strangely sexy ‘Dennis the Menace’ jim jams my sister bought him for Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Thermal Knickers

  1. We really need to discuss your winter housing; between the leaks, the drafts and the chill you’ll be riddled with consumption by Spring. This winter is warm so far, but that may just be me revving up for the menopause! I think that either you have a nasty pj fetish or you like to kill a few hours slowly peeling off multiple layers 🙂


  2. What is it about Turkish houses? they are much colder inside than out in winter! I live in Kusadasi and my house is bloody freezing. We have a soba but quickly run out of available trees for my hubby to cut down.
    Great blog by the way!


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