Sleeping Beauty

Yalıkavak life is in hibernation mode, and the hatches are well and truly battened down. As a working town, daytime activities go on as they must, but by night the village falls eerily silent except for roving packs of abandoned hounds and the few venues scraping a scanty living from the rare hardy emigrey annuals who venture out after dark.

Sleeping Beauty

Dogs in Turkey are employed primarily to guard houses not to live in them and are discarded when no longer required, usually at the end of the season. The local council does its best to control the numbers but resources are limited and the supply overwhelming. For the most part, the animals seem healthy and happy, more of a nuisance than a danger. I suppose life on the streets is preferable (and certainly more natural) to being tethered to a post in solitary confinement and fed on kitchen slops. We’ve been sorely tempted to salvage a winsome mutt with a sad, down at heel expression but this would be unfair given our frequent sojourns to Blighty to placate our abandoned families.

Animal-loving emigreys are appalled by the callous treatment of man’s best friend. After all, it’s well known that Brits love their pets more than their children. So, fund-raising and re-homing of street dogs is a regular aspect of emigrey life. A concern for street children seems less prevalent.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. I had 2 two dogs, Muttly and Nala. Muttly was Nala’s mum. She went missing one day I looked everywhere for her, but I think someone took her, maybe one of the school kids that pass our site twice a day. One of them stole her before and we found her by chance in town with some kid. I think also they stole one of her pups too.
    But when I was looking for her second time round, I went to the dogs home that was recently opened in Kusadasi. It was heartbreaking there, all these poor desperate dogs looking for a kind soul to take them home. The noise was deafening as they were trying to out bark their neighbours.
    Luckily for some dogs there are some ex pats that feed them or even take them in.


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