They Think It’s All Over

In November 2020, quite by chance, we were asked to participate in a national COVID-19 study being run jointly by the Office for National Statistics and Oxford University. Initially this involved regular doorstep PCR tests – a tonsil-tickling, snotty choke-and-sneeze fest. After a while we were asked to provide blood samples too – a messy affair until we got the hang of the prick, squeeze and drip routine. Despite the fuss and tissue mountain, we were glad to oblige – doing our bit and all that.

In between PCR tests, we’ve also been taking regular lateral flow tests. Unlike friends, family and neighbours, so far we’ve dodged the COVID bullet. We can’t quite believe it. It’s not like we spend our days huddled under the dining table waiting for the all-clear from the Home Guard. Normal services have long been resumed and we’ve been out and about a lot – around the village, around Norwich and, particularly, around London with jostling crowds and busy (sometimes incredibly busy) public transport. Let’s face it, the London Tube is rammed much of the time.

COVID infection rates remain stubbornly high and we’re under no illusions. We’ve been lucky, very lucky. Touch wood, as they say. I’ve been hugging the entire forest.

4 thoughts on “They Think It’s All Over

  1. I’m glad you’re so fortunate while being out and about. I still remain cautious and masked and attend no indoor events. Won’t eat in restaurants, only on patios or balconies. Thankfully that’s easy year round here, unless it’s a too-chilly or too-windy day.
    By the way, your posts no longer appear in my reader. I can follow the link from my email, so it’s pretty get here, and I know I’m still subscribed, but for some bizarre reason you’re missing from my reader and when I do a search for Perking the Pansies, it doesn’t exist.


    1. How weird. I can’t explain, sadly. I haven’t noticed anything odd this end and my stats have remained fairly stable 😔 Are you subscribed by email?


  2. In spite of numerous negative tests, we think Lisa had Covid. Our doctor said to assume all symptoms are Covid. She recently lost her sense of taste. 👅 😳


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