National Treasure

I got my first jab a few weeks back but, being a tad younger than me, Liam had to wait a tad longer for his. He got his first shot in the food court at the Castle Quarter Shopping Centre in Norwich where life-saving injections rather than artery-hardening fried chicken are now on the menu.

Vaccine centres across the realm come in all shapes and sizes but none is more majestic than the soaring Gothic splendour of Westminster Abbey in London. And who better to enter stage right than Norfolk boy Stephen Fry, actor, writer, presenter, everyone’s favourite audiobook narrator and all-round gay good egg. Here he is getting his first jab by Poets’ Corner, final resting place of writers, artists and actors down the ages – Chaucer, Browning, Tennison, Dickens and Olivier, among many others.

It’s a place for national treasures like Stephen Fry.

5 thoughts on “National Treasure

  1. Wow! I love Stephen. How inspiring to be vaccinated among the dead poets! I am hoping my husband who is a tad older will get his in the next week or two over here in the tropics. I may have to wait a bit longer. Fingers crossed that all goes well. Which vaccine was it by the way and did you have any after effects?


  2. We watched It’s A Sin. Heart wrenching. THEY were the treasures we lost. Keep your Netflix reviews coming. We almost speak British. 😜😎😷


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