The Great British High Street

High_StreetNorwich Lanes, a hotchpotch of mostly medieval streets and alleys and home to over 300 independent retailers, cafés and bars, has been nominated for the Great British High Street Awards 2014. Let’s face it, these days, the British high street needs all the help it can get to survive the relentless onslaught of samey out of town retail parks and the likes of Amazon. So far, the Lanes have managed to buck the depressing trend and are holding their own by offering something unique and quirky to please the punters. Well, who wouldn’t love a shop called Belly Button? So if you’re an East Anglian (and even if you’re not), why not show a little support? Visit the Norwich Lanes website for more info.

Belly Button

10 thoughts on “The Great British High Street

  1. I’m all for supporting local community shops. Love to visit Norwich one day and enjoy the “quaint” – apart from connecting with you guys to enjoy a Vino Rouge or two, there might be a chance of bumping into Martin Shaw, who I understand lives there also (no hidden agenda on my part of course!). In fact if I was lucky enough to graze shoulders with him, I’d probably have a cow! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on perkingthepansies and commented:

    Congratulations to Norwich Lanes for being awarded first place in the City Category of the Great British High Street Competition. Sadly, Belly Button, the shop I used in my original post is no longer trading – a victim of hard times, perhaps. I should have checked first. Consider my busy wrist well and truly slapped.


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