We have an embarrassment of TV choices courtesy of Virgin Media but it’s funny how the more channels we get, the more selective we become. It’s a reflection, perhaps, that more of the same isn’t much of a choice at all. So, as the nights draw in, we camp in front of the box hitting the boxed sets. Our latest televisual distraction is Smash, an American soap-style drama about the birth of a stage musical from kernel to opening night – Glee for grown-ups. Less sugar, more spice. The series was a joint birthday gift from our old friend, Clive. Frustrated music-hall maestro, Liam is a sucker for this kind of thing; the gay cliché cap fits my husband very well. The fictitious musical – Bombshell – focusses on the tragic life of Marilyn Monroe as she is passed around the troops. It cleverly parallels Norma Jean’s descent into Hell with that of the musical lead. With an Emmy, a Grammy and Globe nominations under its belt, the show tangos along nicely with twists and turns to suit even the most dedicated conspiracy theorist. There are a few nice tunes and more than a few nice routines but don’t expect to actually like any of the characters that much (with the possible exception of the impresario played by Angelica Huston). There’s an awful lot of back-biting, bitching, double-crossing and good old fashioned infidelity – all in a day’s work for the Broadway board-treading business. It’s a jungle in there and Liam loved every minute.

16 thoughts on “Smash

  1. I agree with that comment on the more channels you have – when i had 10 LPs there was always music in my house, now I have a gazillion iTuned tracks I spend most of the time deciding what to play rather than actually listening


      1. It’s an odd phenomenon whan you think about it really. More choice leads to less enjoyment but more collation, sorting and deciding.
        As you say, after an hour you realise there’s no music on and just shut the bloody computer down.


      2. I wish I hadn’t rid of all my CDs which we flogged off or gave away before we moved to Turkey. Now we’re back, I miss them. Ah, well. 😦


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