On the Buses

Liam and I spent a few days in Gran Canaria to celebrate my birthday and to catch a few rays before the winter drizzle forced us into snug hibernation. We flew Easyjet – On the Buses with a tango tan. As usual, speedy boarding was a nail-biting chaotic scrum. Mindful of our blood pressure, we decided not to leg it to the front. As we queued to board the plane, a lumpy broad with precision-cut bottle-black hair and a particularly miserable expression, ram-raided a wheelchair-bound pensioner through the snaking crowd. “Well, excuse me,” she screamed. “Get out of the way!” Startled passengers parted like the Red Sea, us included. Presumably, the charmless dragon was pissed off about having to do some work.

Thankfully, we managed to get seats together and strapped ourselves in for the full EJ experience. The chief flying mattress was a jolly fat fellow, an extraordinarily energetic thing who cha-cha-cha’d up and down the aisle and nearly took off when indicating the emergency exits. Cha-cha-cha man tried to talk up the over-priced down-market bacon butties by announcing that they came with “an accompaniment of ketchup.”  Amazingly, the hype worked and steaming cellophane packs of soggy microwaved rubber were hurtled down the cabin courtesy of the “here, catch,” school of Sleazyjet service. Half the punters suffered third degree burns.

Next Holiday Post: Gran Canaria, Sex Emporium.

9 thoughts on “On the Buses

  1. In marked contrast, I just flew easyJet from Bristol to Bodrum, and shared the flight with 27 other passengers. The captain thanked us (in the interest of load-spreading) for distributing ourselves throughout the cabin, causing the staff to get those serving carts up to maximum speed between punters. A well-spent 60 Euros.


    1. They’re generally fine. It’s the speedy boarding that really irritates me. We pay for it because Liam needs extra legroom. I see they’re gradually phasing in allocated seating which will be much better (at a cost, of course). BA used to do the Canarian routes, before they sold them on to EJ. One time we upgraded to Business Class for £40. What a difference. Champers all the way! 🙂


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