Vox Pop

What’s happened to British TV news and current affairs broadcasting? It seems to be terminally afflicted with the desperate need to solicit the views of the man on the Clapham omnibus. Emails, texts and tweets flood in from all corners of the realm from the poorly informed. How does this add to the sum of all knowledge? Writing a letter to the Times is one thing but invading my living room uninvited through the flatscreen is something different entirely. I want my news from the trained and knowledgeable. Where’s Kate Adie in flak jacket and pearl earrings when you need her? Why not just be done with it, move the whole circus to the local pub and let the bar room bores run the show?

10 thoughts on “Vox Pop

  1. I totally agree Jack! Since I have been in England (for the past month) I have noticed this appalling trend. SO annoying! There is a distinct lack of cutting-edge reporting on current affairs and very little international news (unless I’ve been watching the wrong TV channel!)


    1. Domestic news has always been a bit insular (though less so than in Turkey) but, as you’ve noticed, it’s the lack of critical analysis and in-depth assessment. Perhaps it’s a symptom of our multi-media channel-hopping world.


  2. . . all part of the dumbing-down process (as a worldly-wise chap like you knows only too well) – can’t have plebs and peons with REAL points of view that add value – it would just undermine the whole system.


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