What Maketh the Man?

The call came and I’m home alone once more. Liam dashed back to Blighty strapped to a Sleazyjet plane. My mother-in-law’s not well and the family is rallying round to provide the kind of TLC that this kindly lady needs and deserves. His departure was heralded by an impromptu and ear-splitting display by (presumably) the Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team who flew ultra-low to strafe the unsuspecting town. The vibration set off car alarms. Boys with their toys.

While I’m home alone, I’ve got plenty to occupy myself, including preparations for our own homecoming in June. I’ll be clearing out my mucky drawers and chucking out the chintz. Besides, the weather’s on the up; I’m sure our select group of Bodrum Belles and Gümbet Gals will keep me from crying into the bottom of my glass. Liam went without hesitation or resentment and he went with my blessing. Liam’s love and loyalty is second to none. That’s what maketh the man.

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15 thoughts on “What Maketh the Man?

  1. Good for Liam…Of course he did the right thing. One of the problems with being an expat is distant parents. One has to be with them when they need you…I actually wish mine had demanded my presence more often – but it’s too late, now… I wish mother-in-law a speedy recovery.


  2. What will you miss most about your life in Turkey? Or is this too sensitive a question and contemplating this will make you hit the bottle?


    1. It’s fine. Now the decison is made, we’re looking forward to it. We’ll miss the sun, the history that sits underfoot and wherever you look, the pretty town of Bodrum, the sparkling light, the gulets bobbing in the harbour and the good friends we’ve made.


  3. I hope all gets sorted quickly for the both of you! and of course his mum. Was this Tuesday btw that he went, as we thought we saw him standing holding his bag about 11am.


  4. Sorry to hear that Liam had to head back; as you say, these things are part of life but that doesn’t mean they aren’t challenging and difficult. I definitely can relate as we’re dealing with similar situations. In fact, it is turning out to be an important aspect of my book-in-progress, with a few people choosing to comment/share on the topic. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Liam and your family. What maketh the man, indeed.


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