Nappy Rash

The Bodrum Peninsula is not well blessed with decent beaches. Most are a blend of coarse sand and shingle. Some are manufactured and have to be replenished each year. When I think of the finest beaches of Turkey I think of magical Ölüdeniz near Fethiye, the pretty picture on a million tourist posters, majestic Iztuzu, Dalyan where the rare loggerhead turtles lay their precious eggs, and my personal favourite, enchanting Patara, 20 kms of secluded golden sand. However, I don’t think of Bolme Beach, a small, squalid little patch of mud and shingle near Gümüslük. Surprisingly, the august people at the Blue Flag Programme have awarded Bolme coveted blue flag status. They were clearly impressed by the tatty concrete pier with rusting supports against the backdrop of a large, ugly unfinished hotel that’s been allowed to rot for years. Or maybe it was because bathers feel safe by the omnipresence of a life guard (none), easy access for disabled people (not) or the excellent washing and sanitary facilities (er, no). I know, it must be the cleanliness of the beach. Perhaps that casually discarded used nappy wasn’t there when the inspector called. The view is fabulous though.

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Thank you David for bringing this to my attention.

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16 thoughts on “Nappy Rash

  1. This beach is a disgrace to the name of blue flag, and there must have been something very strange going on to be awarded this very sort of award.


    1. Yes that is the most important aspect of the award but according to their website other factors contribute to the award such as those I have mentioned. Best wishes, Jack


      1. Yes you`re right Jack, there are many points that go to be awarded a blue flag. It isnt just about the water, its needs working toilets/shower ,lifeguard,disable friendly,and others..none of which this beach has.


  2. I have been down to this beach twice again today, no lifeguard, porta-loo and shower still don’t work. Rubbish and various things all along the beach and of course….no one using it.


  3. I wonder if a little back hander was involved lol.
    I too love Patara however a Brit drowned there the day before my visit earlier this year. The sea there is very dangerous.


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