Top Cat

Street dogs are less prevalent in Bodrum than in Yalıkavak. The few canines wandering the streets are vastly outnumbered by the litters of feral cats that bother al fresco diners and rummage through the bins. After our neighbours moved in they encouraged a tabby cat to take up residence in our shared garden by feeding her kitchen scraps. We called her Tabitha. We assume she’ll be handy for keeping rapacious rodents at bay.

By day Tabitha spends the time basking in the warming morning sunshine and only stirs when the sun is at its height to resume her cat nap under the dappled shade of an old olive tree. By night it’s breeding season and the queen wakes from her idle slumber for a bit of the other. We’re serenaded by a cat’s chorus of ear-splitting decibels loud enough to wake the dead as our feline neighbours indulge in orgies of Roman proportions. I assume Tabitha is the local bike being ridden by every Tom, Dick and Harry. No doubt she’ll soon present us with a litter of multi-coloured kittens.

9 thoughts on “Top Cat

  1. Hi Jack,
    Tabitha sounds like a right little trollop! Get her sterilised ASAP! Otherwise you’ll have not one litter of kittens but increasing numbers as the kittens have kittens, who have kittens of their own! All of whom will consider your garden to be home! If your neighbours are Turkish you may have to do this on the quiet as some Turks are very resistant to the idea of neutering animals. I’m sure there’s a group in Bodrum who neuter the street cats, maybe a post on TLF would get you a contact?



  2. Street cats are frightful sluts, it’s not unusual to see them in a catty coital pyramid on a nearby rooftop. What you really need is an Evils, every house should have one! xxxx


  3. What a coincidence. I hadn’t thought of Top Cat since my mis-spent youth!

    But while we were in Gumusluk a couple of weeks ago, we dined at a water-front restaurant, and had to fight the cats off throughout the meal. They prowled around our feet, begging for scraps of fish – and weren’t adverse getting up on their hind legs for a table view. This triggered memories of Top Cat – and by the time coffee was served we’d assigned Top Cat names to them all, and our waiter, who spent most of our meal chasing them off – had been dubbed Officer Dibble,


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