Blooming Bodrum

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We’ve found a gem of a dwelling right in the heart of Old Bodrum Town where charming white washed buildings huddle together cheek by jowl. Our new gaff is a newly constructed stone cottage built in fake traditional style with fine wooden floors and beamed ceilings. The thick caramel coloured stone walls shimmer in the evening sunshine. The well-stocked walled garden is putting in a flourishing spring performance that wouldn’t disgrace the Chelsea Flower Show. Our new lodgings are smaller, thicker set and less exposed than the old. We expect our winter bills to plummet.

Our new landlady is a tough broad from old Bodrum stock and bartered hard. After some robust bargaining we sealed the deal. She is delighted to have yabancılar as tenants. Apparently she doesn’t trust her compatriots to pay the rent.

8 thoughts on “Blooming Bodrum

  1. Hurray you have a stone house too – character, in Turkey! I only got up for a cup of coffee and ended up writing an 1100 word blog post because you inspired it. I’m going back to bed now 🙂


  2. Hı Jack
    Just lıke to wısh you and lıam all the best ın your new home.Hope you both enjoy your new lıfe ın Bodrum.xx


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