Bursting into Life

The mould season is drying out. Spring is in the air and there is a spring in our step. The warming rays have stirred us from the benign boredom of our winter hibernation. Flowers are bursting into life, shorts are being aired and flip-flops dusted down. Alas, the mozzie season approaches alongside. Relentless and voracious, Turkish mozzies just love to feast on poor Liam. Dive bombing like kamikaze pilots they show him no mercy. At times he resembles a medieval pox victim. We’ve purchased several kegs of napalm and rinsed out the net as a precaution. Thank God that there is no malaria in our corner of the World.

3 thoughts on “Bursting into Life

  1. Hey Jack,

    Poor Liam must be itchy 😦
    But in Kocaeli,We still have bloody mozzies even in the winter.. They love to feast on my Aussie in February.I guess mozzies dont get on well with aussies..



  2. Poor Liam. I know just how he feels. He’ll be safe once I get there in April. The mozzies anounce that ‘lunch has arrived’ when I get off the plane!


  3. How does the song go….”spring is in the air everwhere i look around” lalalala. Ferhat Picked some lovely wild flowers for me yesterday while we we`re out walking the dogs. x


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