We’re all doomed according to those in the know. Global warming is melting the ice caps, sea levels are rising and, sooner rather than later, Britannia will sink beneath the waves along with much of the rest of the world. Mother Earth will likely survive – thrive even – but without us to muck it up again. And it probably serves us right. Still, while we wait for the next biblical flood, I do my bit, recycling-wise. This might seem like pissing in the wind but I do it anyway, separating this from that. These days about three quarters of what we chuck is tossed into the communal recycling bin, though it’s fair to say much of that consists of glass bottles of the wine kind. Our rubbish has always rattled.

My temperature is raised by some of our neighbours who seem incapable of following simple recycling guidelines or, more likely, are too idle to be arsed. But I get really heated by the vast quantity of soft plastic film that wraps pretty much everything these days. This can’t be recycled. Gawd knows why. So off it goes with the peelings and scraps to the incinerator to cause even more global warming or to end up swimming about in the oceans. I can almost hear the dolphins scream.

6 thoughts on “We’re All Doomed

  1. Truth is, even if every human on the planet did their bit, as you do, there are not the facilities to reprocess the stuff. Then line the whole of humanity up beside the likes of BP/Shell/Exxon and their subsidiaries and the global military, particularly the US military which is exempted from restrictions/statistics (simple Google/etc search) and and it’s kiss our arses goodbye!


  2. We have to quit plastic.
    I was just in Mexico, in the state of Sonora. They’ve taken one small step by banning plastic straws. Straws are so damaging to sea life, and Sonora has a long and lovely coast on the Sea of Cortez.
    While I was there, I went to one of my favorite little restaurants and had my favorite waiter (Edgar) make my favorite coffee-slushy drink (the Emilie Special.) And it came with a non-plastic straw! I think it was made from avocado seeds. Edgar didn’t know for sure.
    Avocado seed straws and cutlery are available on Amazon in the US and Mexico, and maybe elsewhere. Not cheap, of course, but if they become a larger industry, the price is sure to go down.
    At home I use stainless straws and have a little skinny brush to wash them with. I have cloth bags for produce and cloth bags for groceries. Plus, of course, I recycle.
    It’s all I can do, besides talk about it.
    Thanks for doing your part, Jack, even though in the long run I fear our abuse is going to kill us all. Well, not us, but our grandkids and their grandkids. Or in my and your cases, our grand nieces and nephews.


  3. Farting against thunder is a daily routine when you live in SE Asia. The level of ignorance is mind boggling. Air pollution in Northern Thailand has been off the scale this year. People are choking to death yet they keep on burning the forests and lowland farm waste until no-one can breathe. You may like this https://jamoroki.com/fires-already/. You probably won’t enjoy it though.

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