What a Gay Day

Freedom to MarryYesterday, the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage in all 50 states and America joined a select group of nations that have introduced marriage equality. The map I’ve featured from Freedom to Marry illustrates the situation around the world before the Yankee vote. In these damp little islands of ours, only Northern Ireland is holding back the tide, Canute-like. The fire and brimstone lot who dominate the Northern Ireland Assembly are in good company – kiddie fiddling priests, the British National Party, Ex-Soviet republics and religious fundamentalists of all persuasions who fine, flog and hang. The dusty old Ulstermen will lose the fight in the end. It’s inevitable. Reason and sanity are against them. Today, the streets of London are paved with gold sequins. It’s London Pride, a grand celebration of everything that’s been achieved. Doubtless, black cab drivers will cuss and bemused tourists will think they’ve landed in Oz. Sadly, we can’t be there to join the party.

11 thoughts on “What a Gay Day

  1. But you’ll be with them in spirit. 🙂

    Canada ushered in marriage equality over a decade ago, with little fanfare. Most supported it and those that didn’t shrugged and moved on. In the States, of course, it’s a very different matter. I’m sure the religious crazies are wetting themselves right now, but they better get used to it–marriage equality is here to stay.

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  2. . . congratulations on the principle/right from someone who has been (mostly) very happily un-married for 40 odd years. J says quite often and very publicly that she wouldn’t marry me if I was the last person on earth – I tend to agree with her. Marriage seems to ruin many a good relationship! Sorry for being tardy, bit preoccupied with stuff – thanks for the support 😀


    1. No problem at all. And, yes, it’s the principle that counts. My sister has been happily unmarried with her partner for decades. I do nag her about her occupational pension though!


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