lies tshirtAccording to a recently published survey by Britain’s Office of National Statistics, 1.5% of the adult British population is either gay or bisexual. This figure has been extrapolated from a sample of about 180,000 and is much lower than many pundits expected.  I’m not surprised. Brits tend to be a bashful and bolshy lot, content to tell the nosy nanny state to mind its own business, particularly in matters of the boudoir. Gaydar, the gay dating site, claims to have over two million members in the UK so maybe the ONS numbers don’t stack up. In any case, percentages shouldn’t count when it comes to freedom, personal choice and civil rights. If it was all about mustering the troops, the ladies of this land would have been running the show decades ago (and that would be no bad thing). The survey revealed that the highest number of gay and bisexual people is found in London, the wicked city where the streets are paved with diversity. No surprises here either. What only-gay-in-the-village wouldn’t pay for a one-way ticket out of middle England? But which part of this Sceptre’d Isle has the fewest fairies? You guessed it; East Anglia. This may explain the dearth of come hither looks I get these days. Or maybe I’m just past my use-by date.

14 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

  1. There are more kids in my daughters school year who are ‘ out’ in fact 9 out of the 200 her year are gay, bi, lesbian and transgender . Helped by a great lgbt youth workers community made up of volunteers. Hopefully the next generation will be more likely to identify as gay. But my hopes are for the days when it is not even worth commenting on.


      1. I’m closed to the ‘use-by date’ but refuse to dwell on it. I like to think positive–no matter what. Gets me out of bed in the morning.
        You know I’m ribbing you, right? (teasing)


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