JACK THE HACK: Advice to all you expat writers: Publish and be damned!

More irrelevant writing advice from me. This time on the publishing lark.

The Displaced Nation

JACK THE HACK _writingtipsJack Scott is back with his monthly column for all of you wannabe authors who are hacking away at travelogues-cum-memoirs (or cum-novels?). For those who don’t know, he was a Random Nomad for the Displaced Nation way back when we started this site. After an expat experience that was literally something to write home about, he and his partner, Liam, have traded in the dream for a less pressured existence back home in the UK.

—ML Awanohara

After months of burning the midnight oil, neglecting the sprogs and denying your long-suffering partner their conjugal rights, your memoir masterpiece is finally done and dusted. Whether you’re pleased with the result of your hard graft or just relieved, pop a cork. It’s quite an achievement.

So what’s next? Well, obviously you want to launch your labour of love onto an unprepared world—but how?

Essentially, you have four choices:

1) The big boys—the…

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2 thoughts on “JACK THE HACK: Advice to all you expat writers: Publish and be damned!

  1. Hadn’t realized that you’d started a monthly column over at displaced, so thanks for re-posting here. Glad to see you’re putting your wealth of knowledge to good use!


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