Trailer Trash

When I planned my virtual tour, I knew the book would have to take centre stage. There would be little point if it didn’t. But I didn’t want to just bang on about it and do the hard sell. People would get bored and simply switch channels. I know I would. I had to find a theme, something to maintain interest. I also wanted to say something related to the people that have kindly let me loose on their blogs. A theme gradually emerged: me. My favourite subject.

Today’s post is on Helen’s European Journey. Elegant Helen is wander-lusting gypsy-like across Europe (well, so far across Iberia – give ‘em time) in a travelling caravan with hunky husband and two pretty pussies in tow. So, folks, I give you… me and caravans. Not the dusty camel trains of antiquity hauling exotic goods along the ancient Silk Road from China to Anatolia, but the common or garden static metal type of my childhood. It’s a tenuous link, but stay with me.

Over the Helen for Trailer Trash

4 thoughts on “Trailer Trash

  1. I’m breathlessly following your exploits through the jungle of book promotion. Having done much of my writing and publishing in the good old days of pre-internet, I had the comfort of mostly writing and then let the publisher (Harlequin Mills & Boon) do the rest. Unfortunately they also caught on, and now writers no longer have to do only the writing, but have to spend time promoting and marketing as well. It all seems so exhausting!

    I wish you lots of success!


    1. It’s taking longer than writing the book! Well, not really but it does take a lot of time and energy. Oh, for the days past when we could all sit back and let the publisher do the work!


  2. I’ve read your book and found your chapter and poem about John very moving. I lost my husband 3 years ago and still miss and love him. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, the sentiments are the same.


    1. Thank you Helen. As you say love is love and loss is loss. You may not believe this right now but it does get easier. The pain eventually dulls giving way to warm and loving memories to be cherished.


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