In Support of Turkey’s Earthquake Victims

The tragic news emerging from eastern Turkey is becoming grimmer by the hour. The frantic efforts to find survivors continues and countless people are sleeping out in the open in sub-zero temperatures. There are ways to help. Please check out Turkeywithstuffin’s Blog for details.

7 thoughts on “In Support of Turkey’s Earthquake Victims

  1. Have been thinking of everyone in Turkey dealing with the aftermath of such a huge earthquake. Seems like yesterday you were writing about the dripping sweat heat of late summer and two months later it’s so cold. My heart goes out to the victims, and hope much can be done to help quickly. Will check out your friend’s site.


    1. The earthquake struck in Van, a mountainous region near the Iranian border about 800 miles east of Bodrum. The climate there is very different from the Aegean. We’re still enjoying warm autumn sunshine. They’ll be having the first winter snows soon. This is what makes it all the more desperate.


  2. Great blog! It’s so easy to ignore when it’s far away, but this is so horrendous that we all should try to help in any way that we can even if that is with prayers…


  3. Am going to organise some warm clothing of all sizes. The cargo depots will send any parcels free of charge. It’s little enough to do. Bless them all.


  4. Yalikavak council are collecting warm clothes , blankets shoes etc and sending trucks from here . Please take your unwanted cold weather items to the Zabita office at the Belediye .. Time is of the essence . I went by convoy for the red cross thirty five years ago when another massive earthquake hit the same area .It was horrific . Please help the people there .


  5. A ” techno ” miracle . A woman in Ercis who was trapped with her baby managed to e mail her address to someone in Istanbul , who telephoned my friend here in Yalikavak at !am yesterday . My friend phoned her brother in Ercis who took rescuers to her apartment and she and her baby were brought out .alive .. Wonderful !


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