I’m a Lady!

Following on from yesterday’s soccer post, a vetpat pansy fan sent me a picture taken at the Fenerbahçe Ladies’ Night. Allegedly, a supporter was accused of trying to trick the stewards at the turnstiles by dragging up in his mother’s headscarf and Playtex eighteen hour girdle (lifts and separates). Transvestism has a long, though often rocky, tradition in Turkey. Imagine the indignation of this poor sister, when what was thought to be a cross-dressing man was, in fact, a bone fide woman. Okay, she’s no Elizabeth Taylor but what an insult!

You can catch the original CNN Turkey article here but it’s in Turkish so let’s hope I’ve got the story right and I’m not maligning some poor woman’s reputation.

Thanks to Angela for this one.

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12 thoughts on “I’m a Lady!

  1. LOL, Jack…a salutary lesson for the next bad hair day/fat day. The instinct to hide from the world on such occasions is evidently the correct one.


  2. OH poor woman! Although travelling through some villages you have to look twice…its only the flowerey trousers which seperate the aged women from their menfolk!


  3. My Irish friends let me in on the “I’m a Lady” skecth. It had me crying it’s so funny. I doubt this incident was nearly as funny for the poor woman.


  4. here in Okcular we have a lady who drives a tractor and has arms like Popeye. During harvesting to protect themselves from dust, a lot of the menfolk wear head-scarves and look just like ‘Betty’ (Our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and her Possessions and Territories Overseas); they too might have trouble at the turnstiles!


    1. I can picture this, Alan. When we were down in Urfa last year, the local custom of everyone (men, women) wearing light neon purple headscarves with white embroidery had me confused. I did the unthinkable and used “amca” for “teyze” and vice versa a couple of times. Terrible!


  5. One more thing, Jack, if you haven’t already, are you going to write about Bülent Ersoy? My husband tells stories of his parents going to see him sing, enraptured and totally accepting back in the 1970s….


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