It’s a Fair Cop

One of our favourite Bodrum Belles took us to the airport for our airlift back to Blighty with Sleazyjet. We shall be forever in her debt. It was our first experience of Bodrum’s brand spanking new international terminal building. Very impressive it was too but, as with much of Turkey, not quite finished. I’ve always thought of airport buildings as the new cathedrals, built high and mighty to invoke awe in the great unwashed (or in Bodrum’s case, the great sunburned). Bodrum’s new edifice is a lofty triumph in steel, marble and fresh paint. It puts Stansted’s tired old concrete shed with its stalactites of filth dripping from the ceiling and duck-taped carpets in the shade (why do Britain’s airports have carpets anyway?). Catering arrangements at the new terminal were an expensive shambles. Much of the food hall had yet to open. Bewildered staff at the only available eatery hadn’t a clue what they were doing; thrown to the lions with no training, no doubt. This led to much tut-tutting and foot tapping from the hungry hordes.

The flight home was an uneventful affair. That was until we landed. The bottle-blond cabin crow swung open the aircraft door to the sight of a small platoon of armed police waiting outside. The corporate perma-grins dropped out of position and we were politely asked to re-take our seats. A name was announced across the tannoy. A handsome and well-constructed young man (who I’d greatly admired back at Bodrum Airport) swaggered down the aisle and joined the waiting bobbies. They handcuffed him and off they trotted. It was all done with the minimum of fuss. There was neither argument nor struggle. His pretty missus and their two young children followed him off the aircraft. She didn’t seem at all surprised by the ambush and the kids remained calm. She casually flip-flopped down the tunnel with the jolly sprogs in tow. People will do anything to get to the front of the queue at passport control.

13 thoughts on “It’s a Fair Cop

  1. My goodness me. Isn’t it funny how odd, unexplained things happen during air travel that will forever remain a mystery. Have you seen the handsome young man and his lovely family on British TV yet? He is probably a hardened drug smuggler or something.


  2. Good luck for your new beginnings. one question, why did you stay all winter ?. Then come back in the summer, i know you have your own reasons but am a nosey cow lots of love debs.


    1. We didn’t decide to return until the Spring and we were coming back to London in June anyway because of Liam’s dad’s 80th birthday. We didn’t fancy doing all the packing up in 45 degree heat!


  3. The question I have for you is how long did you spend in check in? when I was there in May the terminal had just opened and the system went down, it was an absolute disaster, I stood in the queue for nearly 2 hours!


  4. Lol, why does all the interesting stuff always happen to you. Make a mental note of this occasion for your neXt book! 😉 ‘Twas obviously a regular occurrence for the family. Takes all sorts.


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